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        Zhejiang Jindao Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high and new technological company, specializing in research, manufacture, sale and service of series of forklift transmissions, construction machinery transmissions and hydraulic transmissions and its accessories. It is the domestic key enterprise in mechanical transmissions manufacturing industry. it covers an area of 100,000 square meters, of which 70,000 square meters are construction area. The location of the company is extremely advantageous, in the heartland between Hangyong expressway Shaoxing entry and Shaoxing downtown.

        Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and has won many national and provincial awards and honors such as being rated as the provincial research and development center of high and new technology. We also import many kinds of advanced manufacturing equipment and production facilities from America , Germany and Japan.

        Our company possesses advanced gear and housing machining lines for hobbing , shaving , cutting , grinding and lapping and owns an independent heat treatment workshop equipped with professional IPSEN multipurpose stove line , Isothermal normalizing line and automatic phosphate line.

        Our advanced testing center is equipped with Gleason gear testing machines, three coordinate measurement machine and German SPECK Spectrum analyzer and other advanced testing facilities from home and abroad. With an annual production capacity of 200,000, we have become a transmission production enterprise with strong overall strength. We adhere to the idea of "innovation and development, honesty, quality first and customer first". Our purpose is to provide the most satisfactory products and the most sincere service to customers and at the same time create value and contribute to society. Our company attaches importance to personnel training and adheres to the ideas of attracting talents. We have developed many technical and management workers who contribute to the company's sustainable development. We adhere to the quality principle of "standardize the management system, strengthen the process control, win trust because of good quality and meet customers’ requirements". With strong technical force, advanced production technology, perfect means of measurement, reliable product quality and services, we have won customers of all levels.

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